A diverse range of competitions to assess your competence as a civil engineer and gauge your logical skills, we give you just the right stimulus to outsmart your rivals. Be it intelligent structure designing, concrete casting, optimizing transport networks or insane quizzing contests - we have had it all and much more. This is your chance to make it large on the big stage!


Conquer-IT competition was designed to give the students an idea about the emerging concrete technologies. The freedom to tinker with the properties of the concrete by altering the making process and components gives greater flexibility to creative minds while emphasizing the fundamentals of concrete design.

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The task of the Mechanically Stabilised Earth Wall competition is to design and build a mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall model that serves as the temporary wall using paper reinforcement, taped to a paper wall facing. This competition will test the participant’s instant skills of ideating the design of the reinforcement structure in an MSE wall, Teamwork, productivity in a constraint time.

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Bridge IT

Bridge-building competition with a twist of design and building with popsicle sticks, glue, and strings. The competitors come up with their bridges meeting the specifications in the problem statement and along with their own creativity. This competition has been drawing a larger and larger number of participants every successive year creating a challenging environment between the minds of masochists.

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Civil Engineering National Open Quiz competition tested and teased participants' brains accompanied with lots of fun and entertainment! We provided a platform to compete with the best brains in the country and an opportunity to showcase your skill and knowledge. This quiz consisted of multiple rounds indulging participant's minds on Civil Engineering, Logical and Analytical skills, and general awareness.

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Competitions Managers

Ram Prasad Gardas