AAKAAR IIT Bombay proudly presents you the CONQUER-IT competition 2020, it is a bring form home competition where the participants have to design their concrete mix, cast the structures and meet all the required structure specifications. The detailed information of the structure, the type of concrete, design, judging criteria etc. are given in the problem statement.
This year AAKAAR has chosen to investigate into pervious concrete with high flexural strength and highly permeable beam structure. As a budding civil engineer, now is an appropriate time and AAKAAR's "Conquer IT" is the best stage to get introduced to pervious concrete.
All participants will receive participation certificate.
Problem Statement

  • Register in a team of 2-4 members.
  • Registration deadline: 24th February 2020
  • Registration Fee: INR 200
Registrations Closed
Who can apply?

Any civil engineering student can apply (includes B.E./,, PhD and other corresponding degrees).

How to register?

You can register by clicking on the register button provided above.

To whom should I contact for further queries?

For any queries regarding this competition, you can mail us at the email id We will try our best to revert back as soon as possible. Please avoid contacting AAKAAR team members directly without following the first step.