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10th edition of the National Open Quiz competition promises to test and tease participants' brains accompanied with lots of fun and entertainment! We provide a platform to compete with the best brains in the country and an opportunity to showcase your skill and knowledge. This quiz consists multiple exciting rounds indulging participant's minds on Civil Engineering, Logical and Analytical skills and general awareness. As an add-on, we have attractive prizes not just for participants but for an active audience too.
Now it's time for the most exciting and brain twisting competition of AAKAAR 2018. We hereby launch national open civil quiz competition. After conducting eliminations at several colleges across India only a handful have been able to make it to the next round. Don't worry for those who missed the opportunity can register online for next eliminations at AAKAAR. Not just questions but even your opposition will roll over your mind.

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To submit your entries through mail send an mail to with name of competition mentioned as subject.

Prizes worth INR 12k are at stake!!!

All participants will get FREE subscriptions to Bentley Softwares for 3 months!!

Are you aware of the Earth retaining wall which resists by soil itself? Over the past three decades, Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls have been increasingly used as design alternatives to traditional reinforced concrete retaining walls for supporting earth fills in civil infrastructure projects. MSE is soil constructed with artificial reinforcing. MSE walls stabilize unstable slopes and retain the soil on steep slopes and under crest loads. The wall face is often of precast, segmental blocks, panels or geocell that can tolerate some differential movement. (know more..)



Do you ever wonder, how safe is your residential building or office building during an earthquake? The Indian subcontinent has a background marked by devastating earthquakes. Earthquake resistant structures are designed to perform better during earthquake. AAKAAR brings you a challenge where you get to design efficient and sustainable earthquake resistant structure. It is a great opportunity for students to come up with an innovative solution for the crisis that our era is facing. The objective of our competition is to promote the study of earthquake engineering among students. (know more..)

Register Deadline: 4th MARCH


Success of an engineer is determined by his efficiency in communicating his/her ideas. We bring you "Technical Poster Presentation" to enhance your abilities to deliver visual presentations alongside sharpening your technical knowledge. Participate to evaluate your communicating abilities and improve your knowledge in civil engineering fields. (know more..)


Smartpitch, the flagship event of Aakaar, IIT Bombay brings you an opportunity to learn and pitch a start-up idea.This is a place where all the Start-ups related to civil engineering gets started. Be there and get to know about innovative and Smart Start-ups of the year. (know more..)


Today, the use of lightweight concrete materials is a growing demand. It has been practiced since ancient times when the Romans built Pantheon, the aqueducts, and the Colosseum in Rome. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Concrete is one of the forms of lightweight concrete. It is created by using small lightweight EPS balls as an aggregate instead of the crushed stone that is used in regular concrete. It is not as strong as stone-based concrete mixes but has other advantages such as increased thermal and sound insulation properties, easy shaping and ability to be formed by hand with sculpturing and construction tools. It is used for constructing the road, thermal controlled wall and bridges etc.(know more..)

Register Deadline: 20th Feb


Designing Bridge for the hilly area is very challenging as land is too much undulated therefore designing of the bridge with footings at different levels is required for such areas. For such kind of bridge, we need to consider horizontal sway forces along with dead and live forces. Thus we are launching the competition to design Trussed Arch Bridge(know more..)