Are you aware of the Earth retaining wall which resists by soil itself? Over the past three decades, Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls have been increasingly used as design alternatives to traditional reinforced concrete retaining walls for supporting earth fills in civil infrastructure projects. MSE is soil constructed with artificial reinforcing. MSE walls stabilize unstable slopes and retain the soil on steep slopes and under crest loads. The wall face is often of precast, segmental blocks, panels or geocell that can tolerate some differential movement. The walls are infilled with granular soil, with or without reinforcement, while retaining the backfill soil. Reinforced walls utilize horizontal layers typically of geogrid. In many types of MSE’s, each vertical fascia row is inset, thereby providing individual cells that can be infilled with topsoil and planted with vegetation to create a green wall.

The main advantages of MSE walls compared to conventional reinforced concrete walls are their ease of installation and quick construction. They do not require formwork or curing and each layer is structurally sound as it is laid, reducing the need for support, scaffolding or cranes. They also do not require additional work on the facing.

This year AAKAAR brings you a challenge where you get to design efficiently with less economic MSE wall. It provides a great opportunity for students to come up with an innovative solution to the crisis that our era is facing. The objective of our competition is to promote the study of geotechnical engineering among students.

The task of the MSEwall competition is to design and build a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall model serve as the temporary wall using paper reinforcement, taped to an paper wall facing.

  1. Participants will have to perform this competition on spot
  2. Problem Statement will be given to teams on the spot
  3. Materials will be provided by Aakaar team
  4. Certificates will be awarded to every participant unless the team will not be disqualified
  5. Student should form teams comprising of 3-5 members. Students from different colleges can also form a single team

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