The technical poster presentation is the presentation of research information or an idea with an academic or professional focus on a poster. For any professional, communicating his/her idea efficiently determines his success professionally. The primary motive of this competition is to enhance the ability to deliver a visual presentation without any other audio/video aids.



  • Register here as a team of maximum three members.
  • Identify a problem/topic in any of the civil engineering fields and work on it to give a solution. The problem might be as simple as suggesting a not-so-known application of research work done in recent years or an idea to bring sustainability in the current techniques. Identify the problems and issues that are faced in the field and give some plausible solutions to those problems.
  • While registering for the competition, state the problem/topic you are going to work on. You must also state the need to address the problem and the impact it would make once the problem is solved.
  • The final poster has to be made following the rules and sent to the organizers within the prescribed deadline.


  • The team should consist of maximum three members and no team member should be present in more than one group.
  • Registration starting date (19/01/2020) and deadline (20/02/2020)
  • Registered students have to pay the nominal registration fee of INR 200 per team.
  • Submit your poster before the given deadline.
  • You have to send your Poster Presentation soft copy on this mail id
**Note:- All are hard deadlines.
Register Here Pay Registration Fee


Failure to abide by the following rules will disqualify the poster:

  • The size of the poster should be in A1 portrait orientation.
  • The thickness of the poster should be 250 Gsm
  • If you are preparing a poster with your own hands (without printing, by drawing), make sure you use the same quality of the paper.
  • The poster must be able to stand free on a supporting table by means of one or more vertically hinged joints separating the poster into multiple panels, or by physical supports attached to the back of the poster that is not visible from the front of the poster.
  • Everything to be conveyed must be on the poster and no other materials are allowed.
  • However, ethical policies require credit (acknowledgments) to be given on the poster for any assistance by other students or advisors.
  • The name and affiliation of the author must be in a prominent place (mostly at the top) on the Poster.


  • The poster should be prepared so that it is easily understood in the absence of the author.
  • You can be present during the judging if you want.
  • Judging criteria are based solely on the content of the front of the poster.

The judging criteria will depend on the following aspects:

  1. ORIGINALITY: How original is the concept presented in this poster? Or, how original is the new approach to an old problem?
  2. SIGNIFICANCE: How significant are the poster's conclusions in increasing understanding of a particular technique or the solution?
  3. PRESENTATION: How logical are the ideas presented in this poster? How interesting is the manner of presentation?
  4. METHODS: If applicable, how suitable is the research design for the stated objectives, and how appropriate are any statistical techniques applied?
  5. VISUAL IMPACT: How effective is this poster visually?


  • In any case, the decision of the organizers is abiding and would be deemed final.
  • Team Aakaar holds the right to change any rule or restructure the problem statement if required. However, the participants would be informed the same through email.


What component needs to present your poster presentation?

The following component needs to present in your poster presentation:

  • Speech
  • A detailed explanation of the methodology
  • Explanation of the result
  • Research questions list
  • Diagram of the methodology
  • Summary of the results and finding
  • The answer to expected questions
What should be the sequence of contents in the poster?

You may select the contents in a sequence given below which will make your poster more meaningful:

  1. Title
  2. Authors
  3. Background
  4. Research aim
  5. Research design
  6. Result
What is all about of poster presentation?

The poster presentation is all about how you put your point or present your topic in front of the audience and judges. They see the way you put your point, your presentation style, your body language and how promptly and effectively you answer their questions.

Which font types and sizes can be kept in the poster?

You can freely choose any type of font and size for paragraph text, heading, titles, etc
But I will recommend you to choose the font size for

  • Paragraph text (at least 18 points)
  • Heading (at least 30 points)
  • Titles (at least 72 points)
Which software can be used to make a poster?

You are free to choose any type of software to make of poster-like as PowerPoint, publishers, Visio, Photoshop, Adobe illustrators etc, even hand-drawn posters also accepted.