Aakaar, IIT Bombay is proud to launch the “Case Study Competition 2021”. Case studies provide an effective platform to educate tomorrow’s civil engineers with expertise and accomplish a desired aim of practice engineering. This offers good opportunities and a new source of interest to the students by creating a learning environment where students learn a sense of worth and accomplishment


Case studies illustrate the past and present problems in their real context. Students will learn various ways to solve problems continuing in different subfields of Civil Engineering using their innovative ideas. The case study can be an effective tool that brings the classroom theories into practice. In this edition of the Case Study Competition, you can choose to present the solution to any of the following Five Cases:

1) Water-Food-Energy Nexus
2) Demolition Management
3) Damage Assessment of RC deck slab
4) Arrival of Autonomous Vehicles in India
5) Covispatial Geolocation and The Pandemic

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Civil Engineering has a vast scope for research and innovation. It has been in existence since BC times. Civil engineering practices involve multitasking where there is a high probability of challenges. We need to have solutions to overcome the challenges to create a better world. We encourage everyone to participate in the symposium and present their work.


1. Participation Certificates to every participant and Prizes worth INR 15k to the top performers.
2. Presentation of work of the top performers in Aakaar magazine.
3. Review by eminent professionals and exposure to the diverse challenges in Civil Engineering


1. To encourage participation in the civil engineering research area.
2. To provide an excellent platform for the exchange of new ideas and knowledge among Academia, Industry professionals, and Research Scholars.
3. To give students exposure to working on some of the real-world contexts and presenting them in a formal conference.


1. Register as a team with a maximum of 3 members.
2. You’ll have to submit Case Study Analysis when specified.
3. Finalists will be asked to present their solution in Aakaar 2021.

**The symposium will be held online through video conferencing this year.

Registration Rules

1. The team should consist of a maximum of three members and no team member should present in more than one group
2. Registration starts online, 5th Feb,2021 and the deadline to register, March 5th, 2021
3.Case Study Analysis submission deadline, March 10th, 2021

**Details for the submission would be conveyed to registered participants through mails

**Visitors (who are not presenting but just wish to attend and learn) can register by filling the Attendee form. There is no fee for visitors.

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