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What is CR Portal?

Aakaar College Representative Program is an attempt to bridge the gap between Aakaar and students of different colleges across the country. Aakaar aims to collaborate with student groups, to help them nurture a constructive Civil Engineering ecosystem around themselves, so as to lay the foundation of a common platform on which students can develop their maximum potential. Through the CR Program, we provide students an opportunity to showcase their leadership skills at Aakaar IIT Bombay, which manages to build a strong connection with topmost firms and industries in Civil Engineering.


Aditya Kumar

As a College Representative in Aakaar 2021 , I received LOR(Letter of Recommendation). My whole journey was very amazing composed of learning new skills of communication and management, so my experience was amazing. Also learnt a lot in the field of social media handling.

Vipin Kumar

The internship experience I had was as challenging as it was interesting & productive.Personally, I can say that I definitely developed more confidence during my internship and it has prepared me for future jobs & internships. I highly recommend this internship to college students who are just starting out on the intern scene and those who want to learn & explore new skills.

Mohammad Taha Fayaz

The given tasks were great & contained a significant amount of learning in them. I got multiple benefits from CR Tasks like building my network, improving my communication & leadership skills. I want to thank AAKAAR, IIT BOMBAY Team for providing this great opportunity.

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