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About Us

  • Aakaar is a two day technical fest of the Department of Civil Engineering which organizes over 100+ events with a footfall 20K+
  • AAKAAR is all set to achieve new mileage through various innovative competitions, workshops, lecture series, panel discussions keeping in mind various sectors of civil engineering
  • Aakaar College Representative program is an attempt to bridge the chasm between Aakaar and students by creating a national network of College Representatives who will act as a link between Aakaar and their campus.
  • Aakaar IIT Bombay provides you with an opportunity to lead your college at Aakaar IIT Bombay to show your leadership skills.
  • Aakaar manages to build a strong connection with the foremost industries in civil engineering and bring them under a single roof to discuss the new technologies leading the path to innovation

Why CR

Aakaar aims to collaborate with student groups across the country, to help them nurture a constructive Civil Engineering ecosystem around themselves so as to lay the foundation of a common platform on which students can develop their maximum potential
College Representative (CR) program is an outcome of that drive to reach out to those select few who chose to go beyond being a follower and are willing to take up the challenge to lead and inspire those around them


Introduce Aakaar at their institution by putting up posters of Aakaar on college notice boards in clear sight of students as soon as you receive the poster
Help Aakaar to plan and organize their pre-fest workshops and events in their respective college and city
Assist in online publicity of events via sharing online posts on social networking sites forwarding notices via a respective college mailing list
Facilitate two-way communication between the institution and Aakaar, also coordinate with other CRs in organizing events and taking up initiatives


A Certificate will be provided upon successful
completion of College Representative Program by the CRs

Skill Endorsement

Upon successful completion of College Representative Program,you can add skill on your LinkedIn account and it will be endorsed by Aakaar team


A letter of recommendation will be provided Top 5 CRs upon successful completion of College Representative Program

Internship with Aakaar

Top CRs will get an internship oppurtunity at Aakaar IIT Bombay in the field of strategy and marketing

Information On CRPortal

Top 7 CRs photo along their reviews will be updated on CR portal for the whole next year

Certified Online Courses

Lifetime access to most industry demanding online courses on top notch platforms will be given to the top performing CRs


Top CRs will get the privilege to attend a paid workshop free of cost

Live Interaction

CRs will get an oppurtunity to directly interact and share their views with the speaker during lecture series


Free Accomodation to top 5 CRs during the fest if the fest is ongrounded

Top CR's


Rank 1

Jigar Pandya
Universal College of Engineering


Rank 2

Tanmay Shivhare
NIT Surat


Rank 3

Mudit Sharma
Chandigarh University

Terms & Conditions

More than one CR may be selected from a college depending on student or as may be required from the given zone
The Certificate of appreciation may be awarded only on the successful completion of the CRP i.e. August 2020 to March 2021
Aakaar holds the right to revoke representation at any time of the year if the student fails to perform reasonably well. The decision will be final and billing on all and no appeals shall be entertained
All grievances should be taken up with the core team of Aakaar 2021 and not with the Civil Engineering Department of IIT Bombay or IIT Bombay itself
Aakaar will send all the publicity materials to the CRs, but will not be liable to the extra cost incurred by the CR. You may arrange for that by talking to your head of department or college civil association
Aakaar organization or IIT Bombay Authorities cannot be held liable in case of any personal injury or loss incurred before, during or after the scheduled festival


Sumit Suresh Shere

Media and Publicity Manager

Utkarsh Narayan

Media and Publicity Manager