High Rise Architecture Competition

A disaster is a serious problem occurring over a short or long period of time that causes widespread human, material, economic or environmental loss. The built environment plays an important role in every city and needs to be functional and operational at a time of a disaster and is expected to provide protection to people and other facilities. However, recent disasters have highlighted the vulnerability of the built assets to natural disasters and therefore it is very much important to focus on creating a disaster resilient built environment within cities. 

Resilience in design is a matter of perception, which ought to be defined more than just the guidelines and codes of the country. With the increased number of Extreme Weather Events in the country like flood, cyclone, earthquake etc., and in situations faced by the country like pandemic; we need to ensure that the resilience in critical infrastructures like the Healthcare Infrastructure should be achieved by more than just an aim of ‘The building should not collapse and collapse and remain functional’.

As a designer, incorporate your knowledge of designing Health Care Building keeping in mind the resilience factors you need to blend. It can be done in many ways like considering the Built Form and space Configuration, Designing Envelope, System Adopted, Materials Used, Site Planning, Emergency Services and many such factors. Are there any area-specific measures or vernacular materials that can help in achieving higher resilience? Answering such site-specific questions will help you achieve a design that fits for purpose in the region designed for.

Prize Pool : 50,000+

  • Prizes worth INR 50,000 will be awarded to the top five winners competitions
  • Registered participants will receive one-year free access to all the 60+ Bentley’s software and E-Learning from Bentley Education Portal.
  • T-shirts will be provided to all participants of top 3 teams in the overall competition from Aakaar IIT Bombay.
  • All Participants will get a Participation Certificate from Aakaar IIT Bombay.

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Submission Deadline : 20th March 2022


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