High Rise Architecture Competition

Architecture is more than just a building; it is capable of serving deeper functions. We are surrounded by Architecture around us, we walk through it, we live in it, and we are a part of it. AAKAAR IIT Bombay 2021 is pleased to invite architects, students, engineers, designers, and artists to participate in the Envizn – High-rise architecture competition. The purpose of the Envizn is to generate design ideas for iconic high-rise buildings in cities around the globe. The competition focuses on outstanding ideas that redefine skyscraper design by implementing novel technologies, spatial organizations, materials, and aesthetics, along with studies on globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution. Anyone having BIM software knowledge, artistic skills, and architectural aptitude can participate in the competition. The designs are not required to be analyzed structurally. It is all about the creativity and design expertise, which this competition focuses on. You just need to select an intriguing theme and give shape to your imagination through the Skyscraper. 

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Team Size

Participate in teams of a maximum of 3 members, and we also encourage multidisciplinary members. Individual participation is also allowed. Participants from different colleges/organizations can form a team


  • Age Limit : 25 Years
  • Each team member should be a student of some recognized college or school irrespective of the specialization


Any BIM software.

Deadline for Stage 1 Submission : 25 Feb 2021

Deadline for Final Submission: 13 March 2021

30,000/- INR

Total prize pool 30,000/- INR


Certificate of participation for each team member from AAKAAR IIT Bombay.

World Magazine

Top designs will be featured in Construction world magazine.

Honorable Mention

Honourable Mention of winners along with their designs on all social media pages of AAKAAR IIT Bombay.

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Subin Selva

Subin Selva is an architect and photographer. He has done several professional architectures and interior shoots for Gauri Khan designs, Talathy Panthaky, Central Railways, and so on. Subin is an academician by heart, with technology as his biggest strength. Besides photography,

Subin has been involved in teaching a wide range of technology spectrum at the IES college of Architecture since 2013. Subin has always been interested in exploring the Visual communication inform of 2d and 3D software like Revit, Sketchup, Autocad, Photoshop, Indesign, 3D max, Rhino, Dynamo, and so on. He is self-taught and explores the software for its optimum use.

Manasi Chokshi

Manasi Chokshi is an assistant professor at the IES College of Architecture, Mumbai, teaching a range of subjects for six years. With a Master’s degree in Theory and Design from CEPT University, she also has a post-graduate diploma from Mumbai university in Comparative Mythologies.

Architecture, urbanism, Research, Writing also has been a primary mode of expression, and she has contributed to the veteran Architect and teacher Kulbhushan Jain’s book on education in architecture titled ‘Learning architecture.’ She has also been a contributor and writer for the People Place Project books since 2016. Manasi has also bagged the ‘Best teacher award in the Humanities category’ 2019 from MASA (Maharashtra Association for schools of Architecture)