1. What type of research paper can I present?
Research paper covering any of these eight categories of civil engineering can be presented in ICES 2021

  1. Construction Management and Methods
  2. Concrete Technology and Building Materials
  3. Geotechnical Engineering
  4. Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering/Ocean Engineering
  5. Remote Sensing
  6. Structural Engineering
  7. Transportation Engineering
  8. Environmental Engineering
  9. Energy Science and Engineering

2. Which theme should I choose to present?
Among the above-mentioned themes, you can choose to present the one which you think suits your project the most.

3. Who is eligible to participate?
All undergraduate and postgraduate (B.Techs, M.Techs, Dual Degree students, PhDs) students undertaking research work in the field of civil engineering are eligible to participate.

4. My topic is related to civil engineering but it is not listed in the specified categories. Am I still eligible to participate?
Yes, you are eligible to participate. Select the category which fits the most to your field of research.

5. What is the procedure of application?
Go through the guidelines of the abstract carefully. After this go to the Registration section, fill the form completely. You will soon receive a mail from our side confirming your registration and guidelines related to abstract submission.

6.  Is it compulsory to attach an authentication letter signed by faculty/mentor?
Yes, it is mandatory to attach the authentication letter failing which your paper will be rejected. It serves as proof of your research work

7. Who should attend?
Researchers, technical staff, secondary, vocational, or tertiary educators, professionals from the public and private sector, or anyone who is interested in learning about new research in the field of civil engineering can attend Symposium. Attendees (who are not presenting any research paper but just want to learn about other research) can register by filling the Attendee form’. There is no fee for attendees.

8. How should I start preparing my abstract?
Since your abstract gives an overview of your research work, we recommend you to take help from your mentor while writing an abstract. Abstract submitted should be of high-quality version verified by your mentor.

9. Can I register to present two papers?
Yes, you can register. We highly recommend that one of your projects is a group project with other students.

10. Is a group allowed to register for one paper?
Yes, a group can present one project. There should not be more than three members in the group. Please include the names of all the members while doing the registration.

11. What if my work of research is not yet finished? Can I still apply?
Yes, students can present research that is still in progress. As long as it has sufficient content to be displayed in the presentation, it is perfectly acceptable.

12. When would I be getting information about Abstracts and Authentication letter Submission?
Registered participants would get submission guidelines soon after the registration through mail.

13. How will I receive information and updates about the Symposium?
Information and updates will be conveyed to you through our Facebook page and website. Very important updates will be sent to you via email also. It is recommended to check the website, emails and follow our Facebook page regularly for all the updates and remainder.

14. Who reviews the abstracts and determines who can present them?
All the abstracts are sent to our review committee which comprises of Civil Engineering Department, IIT Bombay’s faculty members.

15. Where can you get the idea to prepare a research paper?
You may collect the information from any source. It can be the internet or some books, journals, newspapers, magazines, etc. You have to first arrange the information in the form of defining the topic.
1) Details about the topic
2) Current events if any, related to your topics
3) Advantages and disadvantages
4) Cause and their remedies, if any
5) Application

16. What paper presentation is all about?
Paper presentation is all about how you put your point or present your topic in front of the audience and judges. They see the way you put your point, your presentation style, your body language, and how promptly and effectively you answer their questions.