1.What components should I add to my poster?
The following component needs to present of your poster presentation
● Speech
● A detailed explanation of the methodology
● Explanation of the result
● Research questions list
● Diagram of the methodology
● Summary of the results and finding
● The answer to expected questions

2. What content needs to be there in my poster?
You may select the content given below to make your poster more meaningful.
● Title
● Authors
● Background
● Research aim
● Research design
● Result

3. What is a poster presentation?
The poster presentation is all about how you put your point or present your topic in front of the audience and judges. They see the way you put your point, your presentation style, your body language, and how promptly and effectively you answer their questions.

4. Which font types and sizes can be kept in the poster?

You can freely choose any type of font and size for paragraph text, heading, titles, etc
But we will recommend you to choose the font size for
Paragraph text (at least 18 points)
Heading (at least 30 points)
Titles (at least 72 points)

The poster may also contain hand-drawn diagrams if required. The quality of the poster content should be decent enough for the viewers to view properly and it should be in pdf format and in Landscape orientation

5. Which software can be used to make a poster?

You are free to choose any type of software to make of poster-like as PowerPoint, publishers, Visio, Photoshop, Adobe illustrators, even hand-drawn posters also accepted etc