From primitive hutments of early years to sophisticated buildings of the modern era, the growth of the civil engineering industry has been phenomenal. The civil engineering industry deals with many challenges in day to day life that most common people are unaware of. And to bridge this gap and connect the budding civil engineers of the future to outside industrial affairs AAKAAR brings to you the IDP competition. The theme of the problem statement revolves around the sustainability of concrete. The competition will give you the experience of the real-world problems of the Civil engineering industry and make you brainstorm ideas, learn and explore the industry

Problem Statement by

Indian metropolitan cities are witnessing rapid growth due to industrialization and immigration of population from Rural areas/Tier 2/3 cities. To reduce the stress on the city's travel infrastructure and facilitate the public with a reduction in travel time, the Government of India and Government of Maharashtra have decided to connect two opposite areas of the city by Elevated Metro Rail.

The designed life of this Metro structure shall be 120 years of service. The main challenge lies in achieving early strength criteria where 16 MPa compressive strength is required in 24 hours. The exposure conditions are severe and tender documents specify to ensure corrosion protection of the materials during entire service life. This metro line shall be commonly known by the name "Green Line", as this project will promote sustainable approach by opting green initiatives and stand as an example for many other upcoming projects. Hence, the concrete needs to be designed with RCPT value less than 1000 Coulombs and Water Penetration Depth less than 20 mm.

You are required to identify the right raw materials for concrete mix design keeping in mind the concrete durability & use of green building products. Also, come up with a suitable mix design for a grade of concrete which will provide 16 MPa strength in 24 hours, keeping the durability aspects in mind. You can refer to relevant IS codes & handbooks for mix design.

Team Eligibility

  1. Each team can consist of a maximum of 3 participants, with at least one member should be majoring in Civil Engineering

  2. The students forming a team can be from different colleges.

  3. No participant can register with more than one team. In such a case, both teams will be disqualified.

Registration deadline : 14 March 2022

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Submission guidelines

  • Any source referred should be cited correctly in the document. We will check the plagiarized content. If found any, the submission will be rejected, and the team will be debarred from further participating in all the IIT Bombay events.

  • You need to submit abstract in pdf format and slides in .pptx format only.

  • Add your submissions to a google drive and submit the link in the given google form (And give access to  mail id)

  • Don’t forget to put your team members on abstract and slides

  • Name your files as Team leader name_abstract, Team leader name_presentation.

  • Aakaar, IIT BOMBAY reserves the right to disqualify any team if they do not follow above given instructions

Submission of Solution

( Deadline - 22 March 2022)

  1. A one-page summary of your whole work towards the problem

  2. PPT (Maximum 20 slides), illustrating the solution methodology and step-by-step procedure in detail.

  3. Dynamic presentations not are allowed

Submit here!

Presentation Round

(Deadline - 25 March 2022)

All the teams making submissions in the first round shall be presenting it on the event day. They will use the same PPT submitted for this. The presentation can be done by any of the members of the team and should describe their comprehension and approach towards the problem. You will be provided only 10 mins for the presentation, which will then be followed by a 5 minutes Q/A session by the jury. The dates for the presentation round and details shall be intimated with teams making submissions.

Prizes and Certificates

  • Prizes worth INR 50,000 will be awarded to the top three winners of the competition.

  • Registered participants will receive one-year free access to all the 60+ Bentley’s software and E-Learning from Bentley Education Portal.

  • T-shirts will be provided to all participants of top 3 teams in the overall competition from Aakaar IIT Bombay

  • Top 3 teams will be announced on officiall social media handles of aakaar iit bombay.

  • All Participants will get a Participation Certificate from Aakaar IIT Bombay.

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