International Civil Engineering Symposium (ICES), Aakaar 2022

Paper Presentation

Aakaar IIT Bombay is proud to launch its sixth International Civil Engineering Symposium (ICES), with a prime motive of encouraging young research enthusiasts in the field of civil engineering to engage in vigorous research and take civil engineering to a whole new level. The ICES will act as a platform to exchange ideas and scientific knowledge through intense professional interaction among aspiring civil engineering researchers who are inclined towards discovering, learning, and innovating new domains. We believe this will lead to the fruitful germination of collaborative research work
If you are a research enthusiast and feel that your research paper has got something extraordinary then the Department of Civil Engineering invites you to participate in ICES 2022. ICES IIT Bombay is a platform to showcase your talent in front of eminent professors, industrial professionals, and talented students in a formal conference

Key Intentions

  1. To provide an excellent platform for an exchange of new ideas and knowledge among Academia, Industry professionals, and Research Scholars
  2. To give students exposure to designing and presenting research papers at a formal conference
  3. To encourage participation in the civil engineering research area

Key Incentives

  1. A great experience of presenting work in front of a prominent judge panel and getting reviewed by them
  2. Top 3 research works will be included in Aakaar magazine and displayed on the Aakaar website
  3. Registered participants will receive one-year free access to all the 60+ Bentley's software and e-learnings from Bentley's education portal
  4. Participation certificates to every participant and cash prizes worth 30K+ to the top performers

How to register?


  1. Register in a team with a maximum of 3 members
  2. Submit your abstracts when specified
  3. Abstracts will be scrutinized and the finalists will be invited to present in the ICES 2022

Registration closed

Registration Rules: 


  1. The team should consist of a maximum of three members and no team member should present in more than one group
  2. You are required to submit an authentication letter (signed by your mentor) confirming that you are doing the research for which you have submitted the abstract.                                                                             Note:  IIT Bombay students are not required to submit an authentication letter
  3. Download the blank authentication letter from here. Please fill it completely and then scan
  4. The details for the submission of the authentication letter will be provided to the registered candidates soon after the registration
  5. Registration starting date 23rd January 2022

Call for Abstracts

An abstract is a concise version of your research presented in skeletal form, which focuses on the essentials of a larger idea or claim. It should be sufficient enough for reviewers to discern the nature and significance of your research, the fairness in your approach, and the nature of the results or progress to date

Four important elements of an abstract-

  1. The research focus (i.e. statement of the problem(s)/research issue(s) addressed); 
  2. The research methods used (experimental research, case studies, questionnaires, etc.); 
  3. The results/findings of the research; 
  4. The main conclusions and recommendations 

Abstracts are invited on any of the topics mentioned below

  1. Construction Management and Methods
  2. Concrete Technology and Building Materials 
  3. Geotechnical Engineering 
  4. Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering/Ocean Engineering 
  5. Remote Sensing (GPS/GIS) 
  6. Structural Engineering
  7. Transportation Engineering
  8. Environmental Engineering
  9. Energy Science and Engineering


  1. You can include the concept of the above-mentioned topics in your abstract
  2. While submitting an Abstract please make sure to follow our 'Guidelines for the Abstract'. Abstracts not adhering to these guidelines will be turned down

Guidelines for the Abstract: 

    1. Download the abstract word template
    2. Abstract submission deadline:20th February 2022 (now closed)
    3. In the template provided, you should click and enter text directly in the boxes provided
    4. Complete all fields: Poster title, Name (if multiple authors then separate names by a comma), guide name, abstract, keywords, and category
    5. Make sure that the Title is in Times New Roman, font size 14 (Bold), center-aligned, all letters capital, and proper names only, followed by a single blank line
    6. Author and Guide names should be in Times New Roman, font size 11, italicized, right-aligned, followed by affiliation in the next line
    7. The abstract should be 150-300 words.
    8. After completing the above procedure save your file as “LastName-FirstName_ICES22_Abstract” (Last name and first name of the first author mentioned in the abstract) and submit it in pdf format

Please note that your abstract will be reviewed by our review committee. Therefore, you are requested to submit a high-quality version of your abstract approved by your mentor. Any plagiarism will lead to disqualification

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