Submission Deadline has been extended to 21st March


Aakaar IIT Bombay is proud to launch its fourth Technical Poster Presentation, with a prime motive of encouraging young research enthusiasts in the field of civil engineering to engage in vigorous research and take civil engineering to a whole new level.

Aakaar, IIT Bombay looks forward to witnessing and demonstrating the remarkable range of interests being pursued in and beyond the classroom. We believe this will lead to fruitful germination of collaborative research work. If you are a research enthusiast and feel that you can make an impression with your extraordinary demonstrating skills then the Department of Civil Engineering invites you to participate in Technical Poster Presentation 2022


1. Cash Prizes worth INR 30K to top performers.
2. Participation Certificates to every participant
3. Presentation of top posters in Aakaar magazine and on the website
4. Review by eminent professionals and exposure to the designing of posters at conferences
5. Free access to 60+ Bentley educational softwares for one year long


1. To encourage participation in the civil engineering research area.
2. To provide an excellent platform for the exchange of new ideas and knowledge among Academia, Industry professionals, and Research Scholars.
3. To give students exposure to designing posters at a formal conference.


1. Register as a team with a maximum of 3 members.
2. You’ll have to submit your posters when specified.
3. Finalists will be asked to present their poster in Aakaar 2022.

**The symposium will be held online through video conferencing this year.

Registration Rules: 

1. The team should consist of a maximum of three members and no team member should present in more than one group
2. Registration starts online, March 7, 2022 and the deadline to register, March 17, 2022
3.Poster submission deadline, March 17 , 2022

Register here!Submit here!


1. What components should I add to my poster?

You should add components like Speech, a detailed explanation of the methodology, explanation of the result, research questions list, diagram of the methodology, summary of the results and finding and the answer to expected questions.

2. What content needs to be there in my poster?

You may use title, authors, background, research aim, research design and result, to make your content more meaningful.

3. What is a poster presentation?

The poster presentation is all about how you put your point or present your topic in front of the audience and judges. They see the way you put your point, your presentation style, your body language, and how promptly and effectively you answer their questions.

4. Which font types and sizes can be kept in the poster? 

1.You can freely choose any type of font and size for paragraph text, heading, titles, etc
But we will recommend you to choose the font size for
Paragraph text (at least 18 points)
Heading (at least 30 points)
Titles (at least 72 points)

2. The size of the poster should be 56 *28 inches (width* height, Landscape orientation). The poster may also contain hand-drawn diagrams if required.

5. Which software can be used to make a poster? 

You are free to choose any type of software to make of poster-like as PowerPoint, publishers, Visio, Photoshop, Adobe illustrators, even hand-drawn posters also accepted, etc.