About Workshop

Curious about how all the tall buildings are designed?
To put an end to your curiosity and let you know the reality, Aakaar 2021 in association with Entrench Electronics is conducting its first-ever online workshop on E-Tabs.

A limited chance to get certified by Aakaar IIT Bombay.
So, hurry up seats are limited!!!

Date : 16th-17th Jan'21
Deadline : 15th Jan'21
Fee: INR 499/-

  1. Introduction to RCC & STEEL design basics & use of Etabs for structural design.
  2. Introducing the Importance of fixed design steps for completing a project from start to end.
  3. Learning about the general size of columns, beams for a building & how to place columns in a multi-storey building plan.
  4. Importing the entire multi-storey building plan in Etabs 2018 for quick modeling.
  5. Modeling the entire beam, column & slab portal frame of multi-storey building in Etabs 2018
  6. Assigning the DL, LL on slabs using IS Code 875 Part 1&2, wall loads on Beams, earthquake loads as per IS Code 1893 Part 1 & Wind Loads as per IS Code 875 Part 3.
  7. Analyzing the entire multi-storey building & interpreting the results.
  8. After Analysis Moving towards designing the entire structure for reinforcements values.
  9. Learning how to make the reinforcements economical that every client will be ready to accept
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